How we offer health care to our patients at Briercliffe GP Surgery

What is the process for accessing healthcare when I need it?

If you or someone you care for feels ill, you could:

  • Self-medicate – because you have had this illness before and you know how to deal with it
  • OR fill an e-consultation by clicking on ‘Start E-consultation’ at the top of this page (for more information see below)
  • OR ring the pharmacy for advice – see ‘Which NHS Service’ page on when to use a pharmacy
  • OR ring or visit the surgery – See ‘Which NHS Service’ page on when to access services from your GP surgery
  • OR ring 111 – See ‘Which NHS Service’ page on when to call 111
  • OR ring 999 because it is an emergency

If you choose to ring or visit the surgery, it is best to contact:

  • Between 8am and 8.30am to access a same-day appointment, for a medical concern with a degree of urgency.
  • If something medically unexpected occurs later in the day, please ring immediately to see if an appointment can be made available at the surgery.
  • If you need a non-urgent appointment, you can ring anytime of the day but preferably after 9am. The surgery is open 8am to 6.30pm. You may be slotted in for a same day appointment if any are available, or booked in for another day.
  • We have a number of appointments that are released one week, two weeks and four weeks ahead for non-urgent routine appointments.
  • Some urgent and non-urgent appointments are also made available through the website. See Book Appointment.

Please be aware there are a finite number of appointments that can be allocated on any one day, and our intention is to ensure that those most medically in need receive these same day appointments and our doctor’s time is fully used, but used appropriately.

Please see the information below regarding the types of clinicians we have available and who you should book with.

What to expect when you contact us to book an appointment?

When you contact us to book an appointment, a receptionist may ask you some questions about your illness such as:

  • A description of your illness
  • How long have you felt ill
  • Whether you are able to get to the surgery

This is to ensure that your appointment is with the most appropriate person. This helps you and it helps other patients by protecting GP appointments for those who need a medical opinion.

Therefore, the receptionist may recommend that it is in your best interest to see or talk to:

  • A GP
  • Another clinician (eg an Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Paramedic, or Clinical Pharmacist)
  • A physiotherapist
  • A social prescriber
  • Or one of the other options on the ‘Which NHS Service’ page

The offer made to you will also be based on availability. For example, you may need an appointment with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner but your preference may be with a GP. We will only be able to provide you with your preference if this is a) available and b) will not affect other patients who may need a GP appointment.

Please remember to treat our staff with courtesy and respect. It is not always possible to see the person you wish to see immediately, so please be polite and patient and we will do the best we can to meet your needs.

What appointments are available?

Below is a list of appointment types we currently offer.

  • Face to Face (for patients who may require a physical examination, test, or procedure or where there is a clinical need for a face to face consultation)
  • Telephone (for patients who do not need a face to face consultation and would prefer the convinience of a telephone consultation. All of our face to face appointments can be converted to a telephone appointment on request at the time of booking)
  • E-consultations (click on 'Start E-consultation' above and select the condition that best describes your health problem. You will be asked the relevant questions, which will enable our clinicians to determine the next steps which might include: medication, a referral, a test or procedure, health advice or a telephone or face to face appointment)
  • Home visits (for patients who are truly housebound and where there is clinical need for an in-person consultation, following triage with the clinician)

How do I access these appointments?

To book a face to face or telephone appointment or a home visit, call 01282 911410. If you do not have access to a telephone you can visit the surgery to book an appointment. If you have access to the internet you can book a face to face appointment via this website (subject to availability) by clicking on the link on the home page. If you have never booked an appointment online and require login details or if you are having difficulties logging on, please call reception.

If you are booking a face to face appointment, a specific time will be agreed between you and the receptionist. If you select a telephone appointment, a half day or two-hour slot will be given.

To complete an e-consultation, please click here. You can complete an econsultation 24/7 and we normally respond within 48 working hours of your submission, though our response is often the next working day.

Which clinician best meets my need?

We employ a wide range of clinicians to address different health problems. It is, therefore, important that an appointment with a GP is booked only when there is a clinical need for a GP appointment. If a GP appointment is definitely required, please inform reception and discuss with them whether you require a face to face or telephone appointment or a home visit.

When booking an appointment you may be offered (or can request) an appointment with one of the following clinicians: an advanced nurse practitioner, a clinical paramedic practioner, a clinical pharmacist, a physiotherapist, a specialist practice nurse, a treatment room practice nurse, or a health care assistant, each of whom specialise in their given area as follows:

  • General health problems, undiagnosed health problems, and ongoing health problems can be booked with or advanced nurse practitioner or clinical paramedic practitioner (they will always seek GP opinion if required)
  • Medication issues or concerns, new medication requests, or changes to your current repeat medication can be booked with our clinical pharmacist
  • Muscle or joint problems can be booked with a physiotherapist
  • The management of long term conditions (such as Asthma or Diabetes) along with wound care dressings, immunisations, health checks, phlebotomy and vaccines, will be dealt by our practice nursing team, supported by our healthcare assistants
  • Complex health problems, out of competency of our other staff, or health problems that require medical input, will be booked with a GP.

If you are uncertain which service you need, the receptionist will take you through the screening triage questions so that you can be offered the most appropriate service to meet your medical need.

How do you manage my chronic disease?

We have a recall system that ensures patients are recalled for chronic disease reviews on an annual basis (or more frequently if required). Our recall system is run each week and this is used to identify patients who require a review. We will then contact the patient to book an appointment. Our recall system runs each year commencing 1st April.

When we recall patients, we do this based on their month of birth. For example, if you were born in the month of September and you have asthma, we will aim to book you in with our asthma nurse sometime in September.

What do I do if I need a home visit?

If you require a home visit, please call us and a clinician will call you back to discuss the health problem with you, and whether a home visit is required. The reason for this is that we have diagnostic equipment and medication on site that we are unable to take with us when visiting a patient at home. Therefore, we will always seek to bring a patient in to surgery unless by doing so would make the clinical condition worse, or if the patient has a severe social phobia, or if the patient is unable to leave their bed for any reason.

How do I have a say in the health care you are offering?

The Practice has a patient participation group (PPG). If you would like to join our PPG group or find out more information, please click here.

We aim to conduct a patient survey twice a year. For our latest survey results, please click here.

The NHS friends and family test (FFT) is a questionaire we routinely ask at the end of our econsultations. For our latest FFT results, please click here.

We also have a patient comment box on the reception desk. Please feel free to leave us a comment, whether a compliment, complaint or suggestion.

If you have a complaint or suggestion about the Practice, you can let us know online here or write to us at our Practice Address below, addressed to the ‘Practice Manager’.